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Main Menu
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Main Menu

Main Menu Panel contains combination of controls like menu items, buttons and combo boxes. It is context-sensitive, which means that its content changes according to the actual working mode. The most important modes are described in detail in this chapter. In other working modes, this panel contains only a few controls like Cancel button, Apply button, etc., and its usage is intuitive.

Mode #2 - Node Editing

This mode is activated when you start node-by-node vectorization or editing.

Menu panel in Node Editing mode contains following menu items and buttons:

Insert node
Insert node into highlighted element on the edge.
Delete highlighted node
Delete highlighted node.
Change edge element to curve
Change edge element to curve.
Change edge element to line
Change edge element to line.
Close edge
Close edge.
Snap focused node to closest node
Snap focused node to closest node.
Swap edges
Swap edges of Column or Applique object.
Switch ON or OFF the Insert Elements mode
Switch ON or OFF the Insert Elements mode.

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