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Editing Main Menu - Nodes

Insert Node

Delete Node

Edit All Nodes


Align Beginning to Previous Object

Align End to Next Object

Align Outline Beginning to Beginning of Previous

Rectify Element Direction


Snap to Work Area Edges

Snap to Nodes

Snap to Guide Lines

Snap to Grid

Snap to Object Edges

Snap to Nearest Node


Select First Node

Select Last Node

Select Next Node

Select Previous Node

The Nodes Menu is accessible only increation/editing mode.

Edit All Nodes enables/disables possibility to select and move nodes in editing mode. When disabled, user can edit only last 2 nodes on each edge. This option is useful when nodes are near one to another and cursor selects existing node instead of creating a new one. This option allows to 'lock' most of the nodes so that they do not interfere with new nodes.

The first command, Align Beginning to Previous Object , moves the beginning of an edited object to the end of previous object. Use this command to assure there will be no jump stitch between the two objects.

The next command, Align End to Next Object , causes the end of the object being edited to the beginning of the object to be created next.

Align Outline Beginning to beginning of Previous . When doing a complex outline , some outline parts start not on end of previous part, but on its beginning, instead. Use this function to place beginning of the new part exactly on beginning of previous part. Although 'Arrange Outline Parts' function allows some deviation in parts placement, the use of this function may help to reduce 'Parts are not close enough' problems.

Rectify Element Direction . Aligns nodes of focused element so that element becomes vertical, horizontal or diagonal. Direction is chosen automatically as a best match to original direction of element.

Snap nodes to Work Area Edges , Snap to Guide Lines , Snap to Nodes , Snap to Grid , Snap to Object Edges are options for alignment of nodes during editing or creation of object. Nodes are snapped only if they are near to the Work Area edges, guide lines , other nodes, grid lines or edges of other objects, respectively.

Note: : there are other snap option under the main menu > Options . However, these options serve to snap whole objects (not just edited nodes).

Snap to Nearest Node command moves selected node on top of nearest node which belongs to other object. It means that it does not snap selected node to nodes of actually edited object, only to nodes of other objects. This command helps to align nodes precisely.

Select First, Last, Next and Previous Node commands select respective node on the vector edge. These commands help to locate first and last node on complex edges with large number of nodes.

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