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Work Area

Work Area is space onmain Studio window where user digitizes design, makes editing to the design and where design previews are displayed. Following diagram and comments explain Work Area components and their usage.

Main Work Area of Embird Studio
Viewport . It is a user's visible area of the design. It includes hoop area (2) and empty space (3) which appears only when viewport is zoomed-out sufficiently.
Hoop area . When starting a new design, the hoop is blank. User can import image here to be used as a template for digitizing.
Empty space around hoop or image template.
Grid . Grid helps to size and align objects of the design. Objects and nodes may be snapped to the grid if respective snap option is turned ON. This makes alignment easier in some cases.
Rulers . When you move cursor within the viewport a thin hairlines are shown in rulers to indicate position of the cursor. Besides positioning and size measurement the rulers are also used to create guide lines . Press primary mouse button on vertical or horizontal ruler and drag mouse to viewport to create a new guide line. If you do not need rulers and you prefer more working space, use main menu > View > Layout to hide them. Ruler units are set in regional settings accessible via main menu > Options > Settings .
Scroll bars . Besides using the scroll bars, the work area can be scrolled also by depressing the secondary mouse button when cursor is on top of the hoop area and dragging it to a new possition. This is identical to pan tool used in some programs.
Display mode tabs . Switch the way of how design is displayed in the viewport by selecting any of these tabs. Active tab is highlighted.
Pop-Up Menu button allows to access menu. Commands in this menu allow to set thickness of lines in the node-editing mode. This parameter is also accessible in Settings > Preferences > Edit Mode .

Default colors of hoop and the grid lines are specified and can be changed in main menu > Options > Settings > Preferences > Work Space .

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