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Main Window

Main window of Studio contains large Work Area and several panels with context-sensitive content, which means that they change according to actual work mode. Their layout is shown on the following diagram. Proportions of some panels can be adjusted with splitters.

Main Window of Embird Studio
Work Area . Please read Work Area chapter to learn more about this control.
Status Bar . The mouse cursor coordinates, zoom and tool hint or other information are displayed here. When an object is selected, the status bar displays its size and number of stitches. If editing/creating Fill object, the status bar displays angles of cover stitches and underlays.
Main Control Panel . According to current work mode, this panel contains one or multiple tabs with available controls and information. See next diagram for more detail.
Vertical Toolbox .
Context-sensitive main menu and other controls.
Palette of Colors . Click secondary mouse button on any color to adjust this color. To change color of an existing object, press primary mouse button on color and drag and drop it on the object icon in Objects Inspector window (see 11 below). To set color that will be used for newly created objects click primary mouse button on any color.
Active Color . The Color that will be used for new objects is outlined in black and white.
Vertical Splitter
Magnifying window . This window displays enlarged area around mouse cursor. It aids precise placement of nodes, allowing user to maintain view of design in the Work Area. To hide this window, use View/Zoom Window; this will enlarge the Parts Inspector window. When cursor moves over Object Inspector, this window displays enlarged object icon.
Splitter for adjustment of size of the main control panel. Space on this splitter is used for quick-access buttons of most often used functions from main menu and pop-up menus.
Button for sending the finished design to Embird Editor.

Most commonly used tab in the main control panel is Object Inspector Tab. Its layout is depicted on the following diagram.

Object Inspector Tab
Object Inspector list . All objects created on work area are displayed here in order of creation. It shows order of objects, their type, visibility and whether they are connected to previous object by jump or not.
Part Inspector list . Openings (holes) of fill objects are displayed here as well as parts of joined and grouped objects. This window serves to select holes and parts for further manipulation, because they cannot be selected in work area and in Objects Inspector. When in the nodes editing mode the Object Inspector and Part Inspector windows (B) are replaced with basic parameters of the object.

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