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Auto-Split Along Hoop Boundaries

Embird Embroidery Software Tutorial

The following tutorial explains how to automatically split a large design in accordance with boundaries of sewing areas in overlapped hoops (e.g. Brother Jumbo Hoop, Viking Plus Hoop, Janome GigaHoop, Janome Macro Hoop, Giant Hoop-It-All™, etc.).


Other ways of splitting are explained in the following tutorials: Interactive Free-Hand Splitting, Split Before/After Color, Separate Color, Using Initial and Ending Stitch Boxes, Auto-Split and Saving and Sewing of Split Designs.

1 - Run Embird and click "Editor" menu to switch to Editor window. 

2 - Select the "File > Open" menu to open a file which you want to split for overlapped hoop (Picture No. 1).

3 - In this example, the design will be split for "Brother Jumbo Small Hoop", therefore select this hoop in "Options > Hoop Size" menu.

1. Open the design

4 - Click the "Edit > Split/Join > Auto-Split" menu to automatically split the selected object. The "Maximum Size" dialog box will appear on the screen. Set the "Split in accordance with hoop boundary" option to ON and then click "OK" button to continue (Picture No. 2).

2. Choose way of splitting

5 - Another dialog box will appear on the screen, inquiring whether you want to separate objects before splitting them in accordance with hoop boundary (Picture No. 3). This process might help to avoid the disruption of separable objects. In this example, the whole design is in fact a single solid object, so click "No" button to skip the "separate" process. Another example is shown below, explaining the meaning of the "Yes" (separate) option.

3. Separate objects before the split? No.

6 - After a short while, the design will be automatically split into two parts (Picture No. 4). The upper part lies in the top (red) section of the hoop, the bottom part lies in the bottom (blue) section of the hoop.

7 - Use "File > Save As" command to save the whole design to a file on your disk. In the "Choose Format" dialog box choose the "Babylock, Bernina, Brother .PES" format.

Note: All the design parts will be automatically combined and saved into a single .PES file on the hard disk. If you want to save each part into a separate file, choose the "Babylock, Bernina, Brother .PEC" format" in the "Choose Format" dialog box in step 6.

4. Split design

8 - Once the design parts are saved, you can check the results of the auto-split function. Click "Edit > Deselect All" menu to cancel the selection of objects. Then move the mouse pointer to the upper object, depress the left mouse button and move the mouse to change the position of the upper object.  You can see how the design was split along the boundary of the top (red) section of the hoop (Picture No. 5).

5. Parts moved apart

9 - The meaning of the separate process (which was offered during the auto-splitting procedure in step 5 above) can be explained on another design consisting of separable objects (Picture No. 6).

6. Meaning of the separate process

10 - Select "Edit > Split/Join > Auto-Split" menu and click "Yes" button in the dialog box which inquires about the separation (Picture No. 7).

7. Separate objects before the split? Yes.

11 - After a short while, the design will be automatically split into two parts, both without disruptions (Picture No. 8). Compare these results with those shown in Picture No. 9, which were obtained without separating objects. The bottom part is disrupted, because some of its stitches (those which midpoints lie in the red section of the hoop) were included to the upper part.

8. Separated objects split across hoop boundary

9. Non-separated objects split across hoop boundary

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