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Arrange Outline Parts

Arrange Outline Parts command is intended for making complex thin outlines with double stitching. Any running stitch outline regardless on its complexity can be done in this way.

User has to draw separate outline objects in any order. Parts must approximately touch each other. This function works so that it combines separate outlines, splits them if necessary, sorts them in a proper order and creates a backward path (second layer of stitching) to them.

Result is a new object - grouped series of outlines with double stitching in a correct order. The order of outline parts is adjusted automatically by Studio.

Only the first outline part remains on its place. As there is double stitching on the outline, the end of outline is identical to its beginning. Therefore, place the first outline part on a place where you want whole outline to begin and end.

Drawing of outline parts for the Arrange Outline Parts function

Drawing of outline parts for the Arrange Outline Parts function. Design contains 3 outlines.

Arrange Outline Parts automatically splits original outlines on a proper places

Arrange Outline Parts function automatically splits original outlines on a proper places (points marked with C), reorders them and creates the backward path (second layer of stitching).

Arranged elements are combined into larger segments to optimize stitches layout. If you want to preserve original elements for easier editing instead, switch off this feature in Parameters window > Whole Design > Main tab .

Note: Arrange Outline Parts command does not work if there is already some backward path among selected objects.

If there are separate outline parts that do not touch the rest of outline (like hole outline, for example), This function creates connection to this separate object(s). if you do not want such connection, please use next command.

Arrange Outline Parts (no Connections) works exactly like above command, but it does not connect separate objects to the main outline.

Other related topics are Automatic Outliner and overview of outline methods .

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