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Auto Outliner

Automatic outlines are the most convenient outlining method. Other methods are described in the Outlines Overview chapter.

The Auto Outliner command allows to create a double-layered outlines for single object or multiple objects (fig. 1.). Objects may overlap or intersect one another and program creates outlines only for the visible parts . It is useful for creation of outlines like shown on the figure 2.

Auto Outliner is accessible via main menu > Build > Auto-Outliner

Overlapping objects to be outlined

Fig. 1. Overlapping objects to be outlined.

Double layered outline

Fig. 2. Double layered outline.

Logo with double layered outline

Fig. 3. Logo with double layered outline.

Select objects you want to outline and use main menu > Build > Auto Outliner command. This will create a number of small outline elements. Program will ask you whether it should arrange all elements into a single outline or not. If you select yes, program will also ask you if you wish to add connection if there are separate outline parts.

New outline has the same color as the first object from those that were chosen for outlining. Select new color from the palette and drag-and-drop it to the selection (which is the newly created outline) to change color of the outline elements.

Outline of hole connected to the main outline

Fig. 4. Outline of hole connected to the main outline.

Outliner ignores the hidden parts of objects

Fig. 5. Hidden parts are ignored.

On places where one object lays on top of the other, automatic outlines are created only for those parts that are on top of the others. Program automatically ignores hidden parts (fig. 5. , marked by arrows)

Note : auto outliner may fail to work properly on places where edge of one object runs (almost) on top of edge of other object, i.e. parts of their edges are almost identical. On such places, outliner may generate large amount of small outlines, because nearly identical edges intersect each other on many places. Common designs have either separate or overlapped areas and such situation does not occur. In most cases the problem occurs when vector graphics (SVG files) is used, because graphic files are created in a different way (no overlays, many identical edges).

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