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Main Menu - Build

Create Connection to Previous Object


Corner ...

Auto Repeat ...






Arrange Outline Parts

Arrange Outline Parts /no Connections/

Create Backward Path

Delete Backward Paths

Combine Outlines

The Build Menu is accessible only in select/transform mode.

The first command, Create Connection to Previous Object , is designed for designs where the selected object does not touch the previous object; invoking this command will place a Connection object between noncontiguous objects to eliminate jump stitches.

Auto Outliner function automatically creates a double-layered thin outline around selected object(s).Outlines Overview chapter decribes also other methods to digitize outlines.

AutoOutliner tool icon

Corner ... command opens window with options to copy selected objects symmetrically into the hoop corners.

Corner Tool example of use

Corner options are:

  1. Place - copy objects as they are,
  2. Mirror - each corner is mirrored,
  3. Rotate CW - each corner is rotated clockwise with respect to the previous corner.
  4. Rotate CCW - each corner is rotated counter-clockwise with respect to the previous corner. Please note: if Apply Rotation to Fill Stitches option in the main menu > Transform is checked, stitches angle is adjusted when object is rotated.

Auto Repeat ... command opens window with options to duplicate selected objects along line, around the circle or rectangle, or to fill rectangular area. It is possible to set distance (gap) between the objects.

Autorepeat Tool example of use

In this example the triangle at top was auto-repeated 8 times around the circle.

Shaping submenu contains command for so called Boolean operations on filled areas, like union, intersection and difference .

Arrange Outline Parts creates complex thin outlines with double stitching from separate elements.

The Create Backward Path command can be used on series of Outline, Manual Stitches or Connection objects to duplicate and reverse these objects. Doing this will result in two paths: one path, from beginning to end, created by user and the other path, from end to beginning, created by Studio. Create Backward Path command does not work if there is already some backward path among selected objects. For overview of outline methods click here.

Delete Backward Paths command is meant for situation when complex outline created with Arrange Outline Parts must be edited. Use this command to delete all backward paths in selected objects and thus to achieve original outline parts without second layer of stitching (backward paths). Make editing of parts and then use Arrange Outline Parts again to rebuild the complex outline. 

Combine Outlines makes single outline object from series of outlines. 

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