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Editing Main Menu - Shape


Ellipse /4 elements/

Ellipse /8 elements/

Ellipse /16 elements/



Rounded Rectangle


Polygon /5 sides/

Polygon /6 sides/

Polygon /8 sides/

Star /5 points/

To Elements

Cancel Shape

The Shape Menu is accessible only increation/editing mode.

Basic shapes like ellipse, rectangle, etc. are available from this menu. These shapes can be used only in the node editing mode. To use any of these shapes, place at least one node in the Work Area , then select one of the shapes and draw it in the Work Area. Use secondary mouse click or pop-up menu and select To Elements from the small pop-up menu. Studio will move the last node to the nearest point on the shape just created and the shape will be started from that point. This means the shape can be started from any point.

Predefined star shape

Basic shape - star. Nodes 1 and 2 define the size of the star. Node 3 defines chosen start point of the shape.

There are 3 types of ellipse available in the Shape menu: ellipse with 4, 8 and 16 elements. Ellipses with low number of elements are not perfectly elliptical and they should be used only for a small objects. For a large object, use the 16 elements ellipse.

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