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Stitch Count Estimation

Commercial embroidery digitizers may need to estimate approximate stitch count of design they are going to digitize, because price of the custom digitizing is often based on the design stitch count.

When artwork supplied for digitizing is a crisp raster image or photo, Studio allows to estimate the stitch count quickly with use of the trace tool .

The idea behind using the trace tool for embroidery stitch count estimation is to auto-vectorize a rough probe design with just a few clicks, generate the stitches and use their number as an estimation.

1. Import Raster Image

Import the raster image with artwork into Studio just as in the case of a genuine digitizing. You may resize the artwork to the real size now or you may resize traced vector objects to the real size later. Anyway, the estimation makes sense only when working with the real-size design.

To resize the raster image please use Edit Image window , which is accessible via main menu > Image > Tools > Edit Image Window .

Raster image

Artwork on a raster image

2. Trace the Design

Use the Trace tool (the magic wand) to pick individual artwork areas and convert them into objects filled with stitches. Repeat this step until all areas are stitched.

The trace tool is located in theTool Box panel.

Trace tool icon

Trace tool icon

Choose among available tracing styles like plain fill or column to trace respective areas in a similar manner as you would digitize the genuine design.

Note : there is no need to produce perfect embroidery design with all small detail as this is only the estimation.

Traced vector objects

Traced vector objects filled with stitches

Note : when tracing overall fills under a small lettering or other small objects, use Ignore Openings setting to make fill compact.

Traced vector objects

Traced vector objects filled with the stitches. Objects (A) and (B) are traced as plain fills with 'Ignore Openings' option. Objects (C) and (D) are traced as columns.

3. Set the Real Size

If you have not resized the image to the required size before the tracing, resize the traced vector objects now. Otherwise the estimation will be wrong.

4. Generate the Stitches

Select all finished objects and generate the stitches .

The total stitch count of the design is displayed in the status bar of Studio. This value can be considered to be estimated stitch count we are looking for.

Total stitch count displayed in the status bar

Objects must be selected (1). The total stitch count of selected objects is displayed in the status bar (2)

Note: where appropriate, an Auto Outliner tool can be used to add thin double-layered stitch outline to the selected objects for better accuracy of the estimation process.

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