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Delete Image

The Image Menu is accessible only in select/transform mode.

Import is used to bring a raster image into the background as a template for digitizing; Studio can import an image in JPG, GIF, BMP and PNG formats.

Studio ignores the DPI, resolution, or size set by the graphics program which generated the imported image, instead using this scheme: 100 pixels = 1 cm of design size; 254 pixels = 1 inch. User may also select 'Scale image to fit current hoop' option to scale image to hoop size while importing image.

ReadImage Tools chapter to find out more about Background Filters and Edit Image Window

ReadImage Color Reduction Tool chapter to find out more about conversion of image to limited palette colors

ReadImage Posterization Tool chapter to find out more about flattening of the image colors

Rotate to Vertical and Rotate to Horizontal are tools for rotation of image. They are intended for precise rotation of images that contain either vertical or horizontal objects or lines. Place rotation marks on the object (line) in the image and then click right mouse button on 'arrows' symbol near the rotation mark. Select 'Rotate Image' from the pop-up menu. Image will be rotated so that marked object is vertical or horizontal, respectively.

Digitizing of Logo - Rotate to Horizontal tool

Rotation with Rotate To Horizontal tool.

Please note: use Edit Image Window for rotation of image with angle parameter.

Crop is tool for precise placement of crop marks and cropping of the image. Place crop marks on the image and then click right mouse button on the 'scissors' symbol near the crop mark. Please note: Edit Image Window can be used for cropping of image too.

Digitizing of Logo - crop lines

Logo bounded by the crop lines.

Straighten is tool for compensation of the scanned image distortion. If deformed image has edges that are supposed to be orthogonal, set the red marks on these deformed lines. Then click secondary mouse button on the Work Area and select Straighten Image command from the pop-up menu. Image will be transformed so that selected shape becomes a rectangle.

Note: it is also possible to transfer image to Studio with use of Copy (CTRL+C) and Paste (CTRL+V) commands. Use CTRL+C in any graphic program to store raster image into clipboard. Then open Studio and use CTRL+V to load image from the clipboard.

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