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Image Posterization Tool

Studio provides tool for posterization of the raster image. It is accessible via main menu > Image > Tools > Posterize command.

Image Preprocessing

Raster image placed into to background of the Work Area is typically used as a template to digitize embroidery design from. Preprocessing of the image may save a lot of time on digitizing, especially for complex designs with many colors.

One possible approach is to flatten image colors by so called posterization and thus get a clear idea of final threads count and their layout.

Posterization merges adjanced pixels of similar color, which results in simplification of the image. Amount of posterization can be adjusted with Amount control.

Raster image - full color scale

Original raster image - full color scale. We have to decide how many thread colors to use and how to place them

Raster image - reduced colors

Preprocessed raster image - posterized areas of similar colors


Hit the Preview button to check how posterization with current settings will look like. Preview will appear on a secondary work area on the main control panel . Preview area allows to zoom-in an out and scroll or pan the preview.

Preview area displays mask until the Preview button is clicked for the first time. Mask is a black-and-white picture generated from selected vector objects. Black means areas to be processed. White means excluded areas.


It is not necessarry to convert whole image at once. Studio allows to use common fill vector objects as a mask to mark areas of image for posterization. If you want to convert only part of the image, first draw fill or column objects on top of the image and select them. Then launch the posterization tool. Image will be converted only underneath the selected objects, which serve as a temporary mask and may be deleted after the image conversion.

Color reduction inside a masked area

Posterization applied inside area masked by vector object. Rest of the image is untouched

Note: you can use a Trace Tool to create complex mask objects easily.

Note: another way to simplify image colors is to use a Color Reduction tool .

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