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Basic tools for creation and editing of vector objects in Studio are located on a left-side panel. The tools in the top section of the panel serve to manipulate the finished objects and to control the work area (zoom and pan). The next section contains tools for creation of new objects. The last one is a Measurement Tool.

Embird Studio - Tools
  1. Select and Transform Tool
  2. Edit Edges Tool
  3. Zoom Tool
  4. Zoom 1:1 Tool
  5. Lasso Selection Tool
  6. Pan Tool

Embird Studio - Tools

  1. Create Fill Object Tool
  2. Create Sfumato Object Tool. Sfumato is an optional part of the Studio.
  3. Create Opening Tool
  4. Create Carving Tool
Embird Studio - Tools
  1. Create Column Object Tool
  2. Create Column with Pattern Tool
  3. Create Outline Object Tool
  4. Create Manual Stitches Tool
  5. Create Connection Object Tool
  6. Create Applique Object Tool
  7. Create Applique Opening Tool
Embird Studio - Tools
  1. Freehand Tool
  2. Trace Tool
  3. Measurement Tool

Use zoom tool to zoom in (left mouse button click) or zoom out (right mouse button click). If you want to zoom in a specific area, depress the left mouse button and drag mouse to make selection. Then release the mouse button and selected area will be enlarged so that it fits on the screen.

Embird Studio - Tools

Create Opening can be used only after Create Fill or Sfumato object or previous  Opening object. It does not appear in Object Inspector window as a separate object and cannot be selected directly on the Work Area. To select the Opening object for transformation, use the Part Inspector window. The same thing applies for Applique Opening object.

To add Opening to Fill or Sfumato, the Fill or Sfumato must be either selected or it must be the last object in the Object Inspector list.

Create Carving has effect only if used after the Fill, Sfumato, Column, Column with Pattern or Opening object.

The Fill, Sfumato, Opening, Carving, Outline, Connection and Manual Stitches objects have just one side (edge). Fill, Sfumato and Opening edge must form a closed loop, which means that their last point must be placed on top of their first point.

The Column Object, Column with Pattern and Applique Object always have two sides (edges). If Finish Object or editing functions are not available (grayed out) more than likely the second side of object has not been drawn.

When Applique Opening object is used after main Applique object, program generates stitches this way: 1. marking stitches of both main object and hole, 2. tack-down stitches of both main object and hole, 3. cover stitches of both main object and the hole. If there would be another Applique object instead of Applique Opening object, program would generate all three layers for first object and then all three layers for second object. The opening would be covered by fabric.

Embird Studio - Tools Measurement Tool measures distances and angles in design. It allows to create one or two measuring lines. If there are two lines, tool measures also the angle between the two lines. Measured parameters are displayed on panel at right side of the screen.

Embird Studio - Tools

Button Bar

From left to right:

Embird Studio - Tools

  1. Compile design and put it into Embird Editor
  2. Text tool (pre-digitized Alphabets)
  3. Text tool (Font Engine - text from TrueType and OpenType fonts)
  4. Edit Text (object with text must be selected in the work area or object inspector)
  5. New design
  6. Open design
  7. Merge design
  8. Import image into background
  9. Import vector file
  10. Save design

Embird Studio - Tools

  1. Select all objects
  2. Deselect
  3. Zoom to selected object(s). Useful when you select object(s) in object inspector. Scrolls and zooms object(s) to center of the screen.
  4. Zoom to selected object(s) and switch to editing mode
  5. Delete selected object(s)
  6. Duplicate selected object(s)
  7. Copy selected objects to clipboard
  8. Paste from clipboard
  9. Undo changes
  10. Redo changes

Embird Studio - Tools

  1. Edit selected object
  2. Access parameters of selected objects
  3. Apply pre-defined style to selected object(s)
  4. Pick color from background image and apply it to selected object(s)
  5. Select color from thread catalogs and apply it to selected object(s)
  6. Generate stitches for selected objects
  7. Erase stitches in selected objects. It is sometimes useful to erase or 'un-generate' stitches if these stitches hide objects beneath them, which you need to edit.
  8. Display transformations window

Embird Studio - Tools

  1. Set hoop size and color
  2. Show /  hide jump stitches
  3. Show / hide fabric in 3D preview. Background image is displayed if it is imported and fabric is disabled.
  4. Create connection from selected object to previous object to avoid jump (trim)
  5. Create backward path (second layer) to outlines
  6. Arrange outline parts
  7. Arrange outline parts (no Connections)
  8. Envelope
  9. Auto Outliner
  10. Auto-repeat tool

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