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Studio NEXT

About This Manual

Chapters in this manual fit into three categories:

  1. Concepts
  2. Controls
  3. Step-by-Step Guides

Concepts explain how things work in Embird Studio, the principes of digitizing and building an embroidery design.

Controls describe the tools based on above concepts and where to find them.

Guides provide detailed step-by-step procedures to create and/or edit various embroidery designs or their parts, according to above concepts and with use of above controls.

Order of chapters is chosen so that you can create your first simple embroidery design as soon as possible and then add other pieces of knowledge to master everything else that Studio provides to the user. Chapters are organized into 3 levels with increasing detail and complexity degree.

About Studio NEXT

Studio NEXT is an additional plug-in for Embird embroidery software. It allows user to digitize her/his own, custom designs for machine embroidery.

Studio contains two parts: Digitizing Tools and Sfumato Stitch . Both Sfumato and Digitizing Tools parts are optional, which means that it is not necessary to purchase them both.

1. Digitizing Tools

Digitizing Tools serve to digitize fancy embroidery designs, lettering and company logos. Design is digitized so that user creates outline (vector) objects either on a blank background or on an image used as a template. Vector objects are then filled with stitches. Vector objects are created manually node-by-node , with free-hand or trace tool , or imported from vector graphic files (SVG format). All these approaches can be combined one with another.

Embird Logo

Use Digitizing Tools to digitize fancy designs, lettering and company logos like above example

2. Sfumato Stitch

Sfumato Stitch allows user to create photo-realistic designs from digital images. It can be combined with Digitizing Tools to add lettering, borders, etc. Sfumato uses similar vector objects like the Digitizing Tools, but they are filled with different type of stitches. Sfumato stitches form meanders with various density to approximate the underlying picture while leaving the fabric show through.

Photorealistic Embroidery Portrait Made with Sfumato Stitch Program

Use Sfumato Stitch to digitize photo-realistic designs from photos

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