Embird Embroidery Software
Update 2021

Inserting Registration Password from PASSWORD.KLC file

This tutorial explains how to enter the main registration password into Embird, so that it stops to expire and turns from evaluation (demo) version into full version. It also explains how to enter the registration numbers for plug-ins (Alphabets, Font Engine, Cross Stitch, Digitizing Tools, Sfumato Stitch, Iconizer). It is supposed that you already have received an e-mail from us, with PASSWORD.KLC file in attachment.

Note: Another way of password insertion is using the text form of the password and the standard Windows Clipboard functions ("Ctrl+C" to copy selected text from email to the Clipboard and " Ctrl+V" to paste the text from the Clipboard into " Embird > Help > Registration" dialog box). This way is explained in Inserting and Removing Embird Password tutorial.

1 - Close Embird in case you are running it.

2 - Run your e-mail client application and open the e-mail with passwords which you have received from us after paying for Embird registration at https://www.embird.net/sw/embird/register.htm. Typically, you would receive two e-mails, containing different forms of password. Choose the e-mail with attachment, containing PASSWORD.KLC there.

3 - Click on the attachment clip to open attachment (Picture no. 1).

1. Open e-mail with PASSWORD.KLC attachment

Open e-mail with PASSWORD.KLC attachment

4 - A dialog box will appear on the screen allowing to save file from attachment (Picture No. 2). Click "OK" button to continue.

2. Save file from attachment

Save file from attachment

5 - Save the file into your Documents folder. Typically it is "C:\Users\{your account name}\Documents" folder (Picture No. 3).

3. Save PASSWORD.KLC to Documents folder

Save PASSWORD.KLC to Documents folder

6 - Run Embird by double-clicking its icon on Desktop. It will read all passwords from PASSWORD.KLC file, and immediately require activation of registered product (Picture No. 4).

4. Embird Activation

Activation of registered product

7 - In case the passwords are accepted, the evaluation version of Embird will turn into full version, and the "Unregistered" caption in the bar at the top of Embird Manager window will disappear. Check the bar at the top of Embird Manager window - your name should be displayed there in registered Embird (Picture No. 5). You can also check the list of registered plug-ins by selecting "Help > Installed Plug-ins" command from the main menu.

5. Checking registration

Checking registration

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