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Passwords Back-up

Embird Embroidery Software Tutorial

Embird allows you to easily back-up all inserted passwords into a "PASSWORD.KLC" file stored either on your hard disk, USB memory key, OneDrive cloud, etc. We strongly recommend that you back-up your passwords regularly to avoid problems caused by re-installation, hard disk failure, or virus attack. If you have a back-up copy of your passwords, it is very easy to insert them back into Embird and thus change the demo (evaluation) version into the full version. 

You can also use the steps explained in this tutorial to transfer the passwords from your desktop computer to your laptop, so it will be fully functional on your second computer. However, please note that you may transfer Embird to another computer only as long as the other computer is owned by you and as long as it is used on only one computer at a time.


Follow these steps to back-up your passwords:

1 - Run Embird and select "Help > Passwords" menu (Picture No. 1).

1. Select "Help > Passwords" menu

2 - The "Passwords" dialog box will appear on the screen. It contains two sections: "Back-up passwords" and "Recover passwords" (Picture No. 2).

3 - Click "Back-up" button to back-up your passwords.

2. Click "Back-up" button

4 - Choose the drive and folder where the file with passwords will be saved. Click "Save" button to continue (Picture No. 3).

3. Choose back-up file location

5 - This will create a "PASSWORD.KLC" file in chosen location, containing all your passwords.

4. Passwords back-up completed


Follow these steps to recover your passwords:

6 - Run Embird and select "Help > Passwords" menu (Picture No. 5).

5. Select "Help > Passwords" menu

7 - The " Passwords" dialog box will appear on the screen. It contains two sections: "Back-up passwords" and " Recover passwords" (Picture No. 6).

8 - Click "Recover" button to recover your passwords.

6. Click "Recover" button

9 - Browse to the folder which contains "PASSWORD.KLC" file with your passwords - the one you have created in step 4. Click "Open" button to continue (Picture No. 7).

7. Browse to back-up file location

10 - Passwords will be launched into Embird. This will change the demo (evaluation) version of Embird into the full version (Picture No 8).

8. Passwords recovery completed

Tip 1: To verify that your copy of Embird is registered, run Embird and check the bar at the top of Embird Manager window. If you see "Embird Manager - registered to [your name]" text there then you have registered copy.

Tip 2: To find out which Embird plug-ins are installed and registered on your computer, please select "Help > Installed Plug-ins" menu in Manager or Editor window.

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