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Tune Colors

The Objects Menu is accessible only in select/transform mode.

Clipboard operations Copy and Paste can be used for moving objects between separate designs.

Edit Nodes switches selected object to editing mode .

Generate Stitches computes stitches for selected objects. The same effect can be achieved with double click on object icon in Object Inspector window.

Sort Colors function changes order of selected objects so that objects of the same color are in the successive order. This function helps to eliminate the color changes.

Sort Types function changes order of selected objects so that objects of the same type are in the successive order.

Sort Sizes function is very important for editing of objects imported from vector graphics files like SVG. Such files often contain large number of a very small objects (often smaller than 1 millimeter) that are not possible to sew out and they spoil embroidery design. Use Sort Sizes command to re-order imported objects according to their size. Then select too small objects and delete them.

Order submenu contains functions for change of the selected object(s) order.

Tune Colors allows to adjust colors of all selected objects, or even whole design at once. Tune Colors command opens window with Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Saturation and color balance controls (Cyan-Red, Magenta-Green, Yellow-Blue). These controls work with color of vector objects and stitches (thread), not with the image colors.

Color Tuning - Brightness

Left: original colors before tunning. Right: brightness increased for all objects at once.

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