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Sew Simulator

Sew Simulator in Studio helps to analyze the stitches order of design. Stitch simulation is animation of stitching process. Sew Simulator is often used to find unnecessary trims between objects or to analyze underlay or other stitches that are hardly visible in a static render.

Sew Simulator in Studio can be accessed via main menu > Gadgets > Sew Simulator or via button in the splitter panel .

Icon of Sew Simulator

Sew Simulator can run only if one or more objects are selected in the Work Area and these objects have generated stitches.

Simulation can be cancelled by pressing ESC button or clicking the Stop button.

Rendering mode can be changed during the simulation by clicking respective button. Currently available are Flat, 3D, X-ray and Normal mode.

Sew Simulator - main panel

Meaning of controls in the panel is as follows:

  1. Buttons for change of sewing speed (in stitches per second).
  2. Slider for continuous change of sewing speed.
  3. Pause/Run button. Stops simulation until you click the same button again. Use this button also to run simulation when it was paused on any condition 4~7.
  4. Pause on jump stitch.
  5. Pause on color change.
  6. Pause on outline backward path.
  7. Pause on connection object.

Note that controls 1 and 2 allow to set negative speed, which means that stitches gradually disappear. Moving the slider 2 up and down allows to run simulation forward and backward. This control is intended for close look up on how certain parts of design are sewn.

Buttons 4~7 define conditions to pause simulation. If button is depressed, respective condition is active. For example, if you want to pause simulation whenever it runs to color change or connection object, depress button 5 and 7. Condition 6 is useful when checking the double-layered outlines. When simulation stops on pause, you can run it further by clicking the button 3.

Zoom and scroll bars of the Work Area can be used during the simulation to focus area of interest.

Color bar at top of the screen helps to 'rewind' simulation forward and backward. Colored rectangles depict respective stitches color and small black ticks mark end of respective objects. Place cursor on the color bar, depress primary mouse button and move the slider to the left (backward) or to the right (forward) to rewind the simulation. Watch design in the work area to see effect of rewinding. Release the mouse button to let simulation run further.

Sew Simulator - progress bar

Meaning of controls in the bar is as follows:

Sew Simulator - animation of design embroidering process

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