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Main Menu - Design

The Design Menu is accessible only in select/transform mode.

The first command, Compile and Put into Embird Editor , compiles a design digitized in Studio and places it into Editor so the design can be saved in desired embroidery format.

The next 6 commands are New, Open, Open Recent, Save, Save As, Merge . In all cases, the format is EOF. EOF is native file format of the Embird Studio. It stores all design objects, lettering and background image in a single file.

Note: All open/save dialogs allow to paste path from clipboard into the file name edit box. Studio then browses this file or folder. This function is intended for situations when you copy file or folder path into clipboard in another program and you want to browse this file in Studio.

Save in Regular Studio compatible format Designs created in Studio Next are more advanced than designs from regular Studio. Therefore, new *.eof design files cannot be opened in regular Studio. If you need to move design from Studio Next to regular Studio, use this command to save design in older file format compatible with regular Studio. Note: some Studio Next specific features like mesh objects and their parameters are not saved when using this file format.

Merge adds selected design to the one already opened in Studio.

Export/Import sub-menu contains several commands:

Merge From Library command allows to import pre-digitized shapes from Studio's library folder. Any design saved in compact format may be stored in the Library folder and used as a shape.

Shape from Design Library

Shape from library - 2 color design.

Export command allows to convert vector design from Studio to other file formats. Current version supports Scalable Vector Graphics *.SVG format and Embird Text Baseline *.ETB format.

Use export to SVG format if you need to transfer design from Studio to cutting software or graphic programs like Corel Draw for further processing, or if you want to create vector illustration from the design.

SVG illustration of embroidery design can be exported with 3D effect, stitch or object animation, visualized nodes and needle points, etc. All illustrations in this help file are SVG files exported from the Studio NEXT. These illustrations are scalable without loss of detail and they can adapt to various page sizes, therefore. Even raster (pixel) images can be converted to SVG files with this export command.

Design is exported into SVG in a real size. When exporting stitches, please note that overall size of stitches may differ from size of the vector object they were generated from. The difference is caused by several factors like pull compensation, dilatation gap, stitch sample, etc. In other words, stitches generated from vector object in Studio are not supposed to have exactly the same size as the object itself.

Save in Compact Format (for internet) stores design in a scalable outline file without image and stitches to achieve small file size. It is intended for internet delivery of embroidery files. Receiver of such design can open it with Embird 2003 or later and resize it without loss of quality. Compact file has an EOF extension just as normal design file, but it is much smaller in size. Digitizer should save her/his design also in normal EOF format (Save, Save As) for further editing, if any. Compact format does not include background image, guide lines and other data that are unnecessary for end user.

Save Selected As works like Save As, but only the selected objects are stored into the file.

The Import Vector File function opens the vector graphic file and converts it into the embroidery design.

Color Palette sub-menu

Load Palette

Save Palette

These commands allow to copy customized color palette from one design file to another. Colors are loaded to palette in the top part of the Main Control Panel. They serve to select color for vector objects in design.

Border opens sub-menu with commands for creation and editing of user defined Border Samples .

New Border

Open Border

Save Border

Save Border As

The last command is Exit , which follows the usual convention prompting user to name the design and choose a location.

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