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Envelope Tool

This tool allows to deform selected object(s) in the Work Area of Studio with use of adjustable boundary. It is especially suitable for adjustment of embroidery lettering and banners.

Lettering before and after applying the envelope

Left: original lettering. Right: lettering trasformed with envelope. Points marked with (1) are anchor nodes of the envelope, points marked with (2) are control nodes.

Select object(s) and use main menu > Transform > Envelope command to switch to the envelope mode.

Icon of Envelope tool

Options like predefined shape , type of horizontal and vertical edges and symmetry settings are displayed on the control panel at the side of the screen.

Move envelope nodes to deform selected object(s) as needed and then click Apply or Generate Stitches button in the top menu panel.

Envelope transformation applied to embroidery design

Note : Straight-line elements of vector objects are not bend when applying the envelope. They remain straight and only their end nodes are moved. If you want to bend these elements, please enter the editing/creation mode first and convert straight-line elements to curves.

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