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Sorting Designs and Images in Embird

Embird Embroidery Software Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to sort designs and images (digital photos) in Embird. The design (or image) displayed on the screen in Viewer window can be moved to predefined folder by single click of mouse button.

1 - Run Embird, it will start in "Manager" mode.

2 - Create folders into which you will sort the designs (Picture No.1). You can create folders using "Right Panel > Folder Operations > Create New Folder" menu, or use some file manager - e.g. Windows Explorer. In this example, the designs will be sorted to three folders "Animals", "Flowers" and "Portraits".

3 - Click the button as shown by arrow 2 in Picture No. 1 to set predefined folders for buttons "1 to 0" and "A to T".

1. Create sub-folders and click "Set Predefined Folders" button

4 - A dialog box will appear on the screen, allowing to choose predefined folders (Picture No. 2). Click the button with folder icon to select the folder. Confirm new settings by clicking "OK" button.

2. Assign new sub-folders to quick buttons 1, 2 and 3

5 - Select the first design (or image) in the list of files at the right side of the screen (arrow 1 in Picture No. 3). In this example it is "alphabet_test.dst" file.

6 - Select "Right Panel > Open in Viewer" menu (arrow 2 in Picture No. 3).

3. Select "Right Panel > Open in Viewer" menu

7 -  The Viewer window will appear on the screen and the "alphabet_test.dst" design is displayed. Press "Space" key (for displaying next design) several times until the first animal design appears - in this example, it is "elephant.dst" design (Picture No. 4). Because this design should be moved to "Animals" folder, move mouse pointer to button with predefined folder 1, and click this button.

Note: The buttons in the red frame at the right side of  "predefined folders buttons" row allow to choose which operation will be made with the displayed file:

arrow 1 - Move (cut the file and paste it to target folder),

arrow 2 - Copy the file to target folder while leaving the original file in its current folder,

arrow 3 - Make shortcut to the file in target folder while leaving the file in its current folder.

4. Move design to "Animals" folder

8 - Next file will be displayed on the screen. This one should be moved to "Flowers" folder, therefore click button with predefined folder 2 (Picture No.5).

9 - Next file will be displayed on the screen. If you don't want to move the file to any predefined folder, press "Space" button on the keyboard for displaying next file, or "Backspace" button for displaing previous file.

Note: The buttons at the right side of "predefined folders buttons" row allow to Undo the movement of file (arrow 1), or Redo the last operation (arrow 2). If the checkbox Automatically change name if file exists is ON (arrow 3 in Picture No. 5)  then the name of file being moved to chosen folder is automatically modified to avoid overwritting of existing file with the same name in the target folder.

5. Move design to "Flowers" folder

Tip: In Viewer window, you can quickly rotate and mirror images (digital photos) by pressing these keys on the keyboard:

- Press key 1 to rotate displayed image to left

- Press key 2 to flip displayed image

- Press key 3 to rotate displayed image to right

- Press key 4 to mirror displayed image horizontally

- Press key 5 to mirror displayed image vertically

Note 1: Other way of design sorting is explained in tutorial Select Marked Files.

Note 2: Read also tutorial Using Shortcut Files (.LNK) to Sort Designs, it explains different approach to sorting designs, which is suitable if you want to have the same design in several categories (folders) but keep only one copy of the design file.

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