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Parameters - Outline

These parameters apply only to selected objects that are moreover the Outline objects.

The Fill object can be filled with stitches in one of these ways:

1. Sketch

Embird Studio - Parameters - Outline

Sketch resembles a very flat satin stitches. It can be used for outlines that are thicker than running stitch outline and thinner than narrowest possible satin stitch outline.

2. Samples

Embird Studio - Parameters - Outline

Samples are stitch patterns repeated along the outline.

3.Satin Stitches

Embird Studio - Parameters - Outline

Satin stitches can be used to create zig-zag object of constant width similar to column objects.

4. Applique

Embird Studio - Parameters - Outline

Applique contains tack-down stitches of separate color to stitch applique fabric to the underlying fabric.

5. Border

Embird Studio - Parameters - Outline

Border is composed of pre-digitized objects. It can have outlines of separate color.

Satin Stitches, Applique and Border modes share the same parameters except the Outlines Color and Border sample length  that is only used with Border.

Width parameter is common to all five modes. Width is the width of reference cells along the outline to which the stitches are projected. It is not necessarily the width of finished outline, because projected stitch sample can be wider or narrower than reference cells.

Embird Studio - Parameters - Outline

Outline object with stitch sample (left) and with satin stitches (right).

Mirror Sides option is common to Sketch, Samples and Border modes. Use this option to mirror stitch pattern for respective outline mode.

Sketch and Samples Outline Parameters

Sketch is a special outline that resembles a very flat satin stitches. It can be used for outlines that are thicker than running stitch outline and thinner than narrowest possible satin stitch outline.

Sample is a series of stitches that are repeated along the outline. When you change the sample, program automatically sets the Width, Minimum Length and Maximum Length parameters to values default for this sample. However, you can change these parameters if you wish. User can define up to 5 own stitch samples in main menu/Objects/User Editor/ User's Samples Tab.

In curves, program automatically decreases the length of samples for better approximation of curve. If you want to have all samples of the same length even in the curves, set the Minimum Length equal to Maximum Length.

Satin Stitches, Applique and Border Parameters

Density parameter defines the maximum distance between stitch samples. If the Outline object forms a bend, the distance on the inner side is lower.

Embird Studio - Parameters - Outline Pull Compensation is extension of each stitch on edge of object in order to compensate for thread pull (on elastic fabric) or sinkage (on fleece). The thread pull causes the ends of stitches are pulled inwards and object is smaller (narrower) than intended.

Auto Select Underlay check box allows user to switch off the automatic program decision on what type of underlay will be used for the object.

Center, Edge and Zig-Zag check boxes allow user to choose which underlays will be used for the object.

Embird Studio - Parameters - Outline Density parameter indicates the density of the zig-zag underlay.

If more control is needed, convert the Outline object to Column object with more parameters available.

Outlines Color defines the color of running stitch outlines if border sample contains outlines.

Border sample length defines the size of samples along the outline.

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