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Object Selected for Transformations

Object selected for transformation

Transformations like re-sizing, moving, rotation and skewing are very common operations. These operations can be done interactively (with tool described below), or with numeric controls accessible in Transformation Window.

To transform object(s) interactively in the work area, select object(s) and:

  • To change size proportionally, press left mouse button on any corner square and drag to desired size.
  • To change size non-proportionally, press left button on a middle square and drag to desired size.
  • To rotate, press right button on any corner square and drag to desired position. Please note: if Apply Rotation to Fill Stitches option in the main menu > Transform is checked, stitches angle is adjusted when object is rotated.
  • To skew, press right button on any middle square and drag to desired shape.

Interactive Object Scaling


Interactive Object Scaling


Interactive Object Rotation


Interactive Object Slanting


There are 2 ways of how to make selection of objects with marquee box:

Embird Studio - Transformations Embird Studio - Transformations

1. Drag marquee box from left to right to select objects without completely enclosing them with a marquee box

2. Draw marquee box from right to left to select only those objects that lie completely within the marquee box.


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