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File Menu (Editor)

See also Main Toolbar

Use commands in File menu to open, merge and save designs.

Some of these commands are also accessible via Main Toolbar.

File Menu Commands:


Create a new document. Use this command to clear Working Area.


Open an existing file. Several designs may be opened at once. Design is called an Object in Embird Editor.

Open Recent

Lists last nine documents you closed.


Merge a design into an existing file. Several may be merged at once. If you are merging designs into multi-position hoop (Viking Plus, for example), a dialog box appears so you can specify the position.


Close an existing document.


Save active document with its existing name.

Save As

Save active document with a new name. Specify target file format, folder and filename being saved must be specified in the dialog boxes that appear on the screen. All Objects on the Working Area will be joined and saved into the target file. The order the Objects will be embroidered is indicated in the Objects Order Bar.

Save Selected As

Use this command when you want to save selected Objects only, not a whole document. Specify target file format, folder and filename file being saved in the dialog boxes that appear on the screen. Use this if you have split the design and now want to save each part (Object) into separate file. Select Object you want to save and then execute this command.

Save Separated As

Save every Object separately. It will save each Object into a separate file. It works similarly to Save Selected As command, but you do not need to manually select and then save every Object.

Open Workspace

Open an existing workspace document.

Merge Workspace

Merge workspace document into an existing document.

Save Workspace As

Save active workspace document with a new name. Use this command if you want to store the workspace so that it can be restored exactly as displayed, with objects separated, stitches selected, etc.

Print Template

Prints active document.

Print Template without Texts

Print active document without texts to save the space on the vellum sheet.

Print Preview

Displays active file on the screen as it would appear printed.

Print Setup

Selects a printer and printer connection.

Design Name

Change the design name. The file must be saved afterwards to apply the change. Design name is only supported in .DST, .DSB, .DSZ and .HUS formats.

File Summary Info

Edit summary information of file, i.e. Title, Subject, Author, Category, Keywords, Revision Number and Comments. This feature is only available on volumes formatted with NTFS.

Send in Attachment of E-mail

Send the active document through electronic mail.


Exit Embird Editor and return to Embird Manager.