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Mesh Tool - 5. Crosses Parameters

This is a sub-chapter of the Mesh Parameters chapter

Kind - select cross type for the mesh fill.

Mesh - Cross Stitch mode

Full Crosses

Size reffers to dimension of individual crosses. All crosses inside the object have the same size unless some effect or transformation is used.

Span defines extent of knot fill with respect to object contours. Possible values are Overflow , Cropped , Interior . In case of Overflow fill you may want to exclude object contours from the mesh. This can be done in Common Settings tab.

Align to Common Grid . This option allows to align crosses in individual objects to the same grid. To make this alignment work the objects must have same size of the crosses and no effect or transformation can be used.

Mesh - crosses alignment

No alignment

Mesh - crosses alignment

Aligned to common grid

Merge Half Lines . Crosses are formed from half lines meeting each other in the center of the cross. Some half lines are co-linear and can be merged together to decrease the stitch count. However, this may affect the uniform texture of stitches.

Mesh - Cross stich - half lines

Separate half lines

Mesh - Cross stich - half lines

Merged half lines

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