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Installing XQuartz on Apple Mac

Embird Embroidery Software Tutorial

This tutorial explains how to install XQuartz application on Apple Mac. This application is required by Wine application which allows to run Embird (native Windows application) on Apple Mac computer.

Note: Please note, that applications XQuartz and Wine for Apple Mac are not developed nor supported by Embird team. Also, because Embird is natively Windows application, it is not quaranteed that all portions of program run smoothly in Wine on Apple Mac.

1 - Download latest XQuartz from https://www.xquartz.org/releases/index.html (Picture No. 1).

1. Download latest XQuartz version

2 - Select "Downloads > XQuartz-x.x.x.dmg" (Picture No. 2).

2. Select "Downloads > XQuartz-x.x.x.dmg"

3 - Wait for a while (Picture No. 3).

3. Wait for a while

4 - Double-click XQuartz.pkg to start installation of XQuartz (Picture No. 4).

4. Double-click XQuartz.pkg

5 - Read Introduction, then select "Continue" button (Picture No. 5).

5. Read "Introduction", then select "Continue" button

6 - Read Important Information, then select "Continue" button (Picture No. 6).

6. Read "Important Information", then select "Continue" button

7 - Read Software License Agreement, then select "Continue" button (Picture No. 7).

7. Read "Software License Agreement", then select "Continue" button

8 - Select "Agree" if you agree with license agreement (Picture No. 8).

8. Select "Agree" to continue

9 - Select "Install" button to start intallation (Picture No. 9).

9. Select "Install" button

10 - Enter your password to "Installer" to continue with installation (Picture No. 10).

10. Enter your password to "Installer"

11 - Wait until installation of XQuartz application is finished (Picture No. 11).

11. Wait until installation is finished

12 - Select "Close" button to close installation dialog box (Picture No. 12).

12. Select "Close" button

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