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Unblock Embird Installation File (Windows XP, Windows Vista)

In Windows XP and Vista, when you download Embird installation .exe file from the internet, or another computer, it puts a "block" file security attribute on it. This tutorial explains how to unblock the installation file.

1 - Launch Windows Explorer and browse to the folder with installation file.

2 - Right click the installation file (Picture No.1).

1. Right click the installation file

Right click the installation file

3 - A popup menu will appear (Picture No. 2). Select "Properties" command.

2. Select "Properties" command

Select "Properties" command

4 - A dialog box with file properties will appear (Picture No. 3). Click "Unblock" button and then "OK" button to confirm.

3. Click "Unblock", then "OK"

Click "Unblock", then "OK"

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