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Localization of a Stitch

1 - Run Embird and click "Editor" menu to switch to Editor window.

2 - Open the design using the "File > Open" menu.

3 - Type in the same stitch number into both "Initial Stitch" (1) and "Ending Stitch" (2) boxes located in the main toolbar at the top of Editor window. In this example, we have localized the stitch no. 1000 (Picture No. 1).

1. Specify the same Initial and Ending stitch

Specify the same Initial and Ending stitch

4 - Move the mouse pointer to any of the color boxes at the right side of the screen and click the right mouse button. A popup menu will appear. Choose the "Hide All Colors" command from this menu (Picture No. 2).

2. Hide all colors

Hide all colors

5 - All colors will be hidden, only the selection remains visible. In our example, only the stitch no. 1000 is selected, therefore all stitches below 1000 and over 1001 will be hidden, only stitch no. 1000 is visible (Picture No. 3).

6 - Now you can use the "Edit > Stitch Type" menu to change the type of selected stitch.

Note: Another way of stitch selection is shown in Change Stitch Type tutorial.

3. Only stitch no. 1000 is shown

Only stitch no. 1000 is shown

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