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This tutorial explains how to create link for design. This might be a link to web site from which the design was downloaded or link to other design which is related.

1 - Run Embird and select the design (1 in Picture No. 1).

2 - Click "Link" button (2 in Picture No. 1).

1. Run Embird and select the design

Run Embird and select the design

3 - Specify the link and confirm with "OK" button (Picture No. 2).

2. Specify the link

Specify the link

4 - In case you have just specified the link, it will be stored. In case it already was specified, the link will be followed (Picture No. 3).

3. Link is followed

Link is followed

Note: The link is stored in EMBIRD.TAG file located in "User Data Folder".

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