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Insert Fractal

This tutorial shows how to insert Fractal embroidery design into Editor.

Tip: See also tutorial about filling empty area in/around embroidery design or color areas of background image with Fractal Fill.

1 - Run Embird and click "Editor" menu to switch to Editor window.

2 - Select "Insert > Fractal" menu (Picture No. 1).

1. Select "Insert > Fractal" menu in Editor

Select "Insert > Fractal" menu in Editor

3 - Choose the type of fractal (Picture No. 2). Various types are available - bushes, space filling curves and fractal objects. The total size is given by currently selected hoop size.

2. Choose the type of fractal

Choose the type of fractal

There are several parameters available:

Distance - Specify the length of "turtle" step used for drawing the fractal. The larger number ususal means less details and less stitches.

Stitch Length - Specify the stitch length.

Layers - Specify the layers (strands of thread) for stitching.

Check pictures below showing various fractals:

3. "Bushes (5)" fractal

"Bushes (5)" fractal

4. "Bushes (1)" fractal

"Bushes (1)" fractal

5. "Bushes (2)" fractal

"Bushes (2)" fractal

6. "Bushes (14)" fractal

"Bushes (14)" fractal

7. "Rings" fractal

"Rings" fractal

8. "Penrose" fractal

"Penrose" fractal

9. "Hex-7-b" fractal

"Hex-7-b" fractal

10. "Hilbert 1 Curve" fractal

"Hilbert 1 Curve" fractal

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