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Iconizer - Troubleshooting

Embird Embroidery Software Tutorial

Issue: Icons not shown in File Explorer

1 - Run Embird, it will start in "Manager" mode.

2 - Select "Options > Iconizer Settings" menu. A dialog box with Iconizer settings will appear on the screen (Picture No. 1). Make sure that the extensions which should be handled by Iconizer are selected in both boxes - in this example it is ".DST (Tajima)" extension. Also the options "Enable Thumbnails (old)", "Enable Previews", "Enable Images in Popup Menu", "Enable Property Sheets", "Enable Columns" and "Enable Info Tips" should be checked ON.

3 - Confirm the settings by selecting "OK" button.

1. Check Iconizer Settings

4 - Launch File Explorer and make sure that either "Extra Large Icons", "Large Icons" or "Medium Icons" option is selected in "View" menu (Picture No. 2).

Note: If you want to see icons also in "Small Icons", "List" and "Details" view, please select also "Enable Icons" option in Iconizer Settings (Picture No.1).

2. Choose icon size in "View" menu

5 - Select " Options > Change folder and search options" menu in File Explorer (Picture No. 3).

3. Select " Options > Change folder and search options" menu

6 - Click "View" tab and select "Apply to Folders" button to apply icon size option to all folders of this type (Picture No. 4).

7 - Make sure that the option "Always shows icons, never thumbnails" is OFF.

8 - Confirm new settings - click "OK" button.

4. Apply chosen view mode to all folders

Note: If there is still a problem with showing icons, please make sure that the designs are not stored in archive (.zip file) or on some remote location (cloud, network, online-only files) or on slow access disk (floppy, USB). In such a case the preparing of the icon might be slow and therefore Windows does not use Iconizer for such files. Copy/extract some of these files to some local folder, e.g. to "C:\My Designs" folder and check the icons there.

Issue: File Explorer crashes

9 - Launch File Explorer (e.g. by pressing Windows Flag + E keys simultaneously) (Picture No. 5)

5. Launch File Explorer

10 - Select either "File > Change folder and search options" menu... (Picture No. 6)

6. Select "File > Change folder and search options" menu

11 - ...or "File > Options" menu... (Picture No. 7)

7. Select "File > Options" menu

12 - Switch ON the option Launch folders windows in a separate process on "View" tab and confirm with OK (Picture No. 8)

8. Launch folders windows in a separate process

Issue: Black background behind folder icons

13 - Launch Disk Cleanup utility to clear thumbnails cache (Picture No. 9).

9. Launch Disk Cleanup utility

14 - Select "Thumbnails" and confirm with OK (Picture No. 10).

10. Clear Thumbnail cache

Issue: Blank white pages instead of the actual designs

15 - Blank white pages are shown in File Explorer instead of the actual designs (Picture No. 11).

11. Blank white pages in File Explorer

16 - Launch "Default Apps" utility and select Embird as default app for e.g. PES file type (Picture No. 12).

12. Select a Default App for a File Type

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