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Digitizing Studio - Co-operation with Embird

Embird Embroidery Software Tutorial

1 - Run Embird and click "Editor" menu to switch to Editor window.

2 - Click "Insert -> Studio or Sfumato Design" command from the main menu to launch the Digitizing Studio plug-in (Picture No. 1).

Picture No. 1

3 - Create a new design using  Digitizing Studio tools. Find more information about using Digitizing Studio in its Help file - press F1 key when running this application.

4 - Once the design is ready, select "Design -> Compile and Put into Embird Editor" command from the main menu (Picture No. 2). Dialog box will appear on the screen, allowing you to save the project to an .EOF file on your hard disk.

Note: It is always recommended to save your project in Digitizing Studio, because this will store the design in scalable Embird Outline Format (.EOF). This allows you to re-open your project later in Digitizing Studio, and continue in your work: re-size the design, add new objects or perform some other modifications. Finally, the project can be compiled into stitches again. Compare this with situation when all you have is the "stitch file" - this file does not contain the contours of the filled areas, but only stitches of filled areas.

Picture No. 2

5 - Your project will be compiled into stitches and the new design will be inserted into Embird Editor (Picture No. 3). Now you can change the hoop using "Options -> Hoop Size" command from the main menu. You can also add lettering or perform any other operation.

6 - Finally, save the design to your hard disk using the "File -> Save As" command.

Picture No. 3

7 - In Digitizing Studio, you can also edit designs which were not created in this plug-in: First, open such a design in Embird Editor using the "File -> Open" command from the main menu.

Note: Designs which were created in Digitizing Studio are stored in .EOF file. If you have such a file, open this file in Digitizing Studio using its "Design -> Open" menu instead of steps explained below.

8 - Use "Edit -> Edit in Digitizing Studio" command (Picture No. 4).

  Picture No. 4

9 - The design will be launched into Digitizing Studio plug-in (Picture No. 5). Now you can modify the design, create the new shapes, etc.

Picture No. 5

10 - When you are finished, use "Design -> Compile and Put into Embird Editor" command to return to Embird Editor (see Picture No. 2 above).

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