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Creating Custom Thread Catalogs

Embird Embroidery Software Tutorial

Embird supports custom thread catalogs. There are two ways how to create custom thread catalog.

The first way of creating custom thread catalog is to select the "Color Palette > Thread Catalogs" menu in Manager and then click "New Catalog" button in the dialog box which appears on the screen. This way is explained in Creating Custom Thread Catalogs (Another Way) tutorial.

The second way of creating custom thread catalog is as follows: It is supposed, that you prepare the text file with thread chart e.g. in NOTEPAD, or in any other plain text editor, and then save this text file (with .TXT or .TCH extension) to "{User data folder}\CHARTS" folder (e.g. to "C:\Users\Ladislav\AppData\Roaming\EMBIRD64\CHARTS" folder on my PC) to be recognized by Embird.

Note: Find out the {User data folder} on your PC by selecting "Help > Installed Plug-ins" menu in Embird.

Tip: See Creating Custom Thread Catalogs (Another Way) tutorial to find out how to add the .TXT file to this special folder in Embird by simple click of button.

Creating New Thread Catalog

Each line of the thread catalog .TXT file must have the following structure:



THREAD_NUMBER is the number of the thread in catalog

NAME_OF_THREAD_CATALOG is the name of the thread catalog

NAME_OF_COLOR is the name of color (can be omitted, see example below)

R_VALUE,G_VALUE,B_VALUE are R, G, B components used to obtain the right color

1. Thread catalog text file

Here is an example of custom thread catalog, containing four Madeira Rayon threads. For thread number 1087, the name of color is not specified. These four lines should be stored in text file, e.g. in MADEIRA.TXT and the file must be saved in "{User data folder}\CHARTS" folder to be accepted by Embird.

**************************** EXAMPLE ************************************* 

1000,Madeira Rayon,Black,0,0,0

1003,Madeira Rayon,Natural White,240,237,228

1087,Madeira Rayon,,212,206,197

1187,Madeira Rayon,Dark Pink,208,0,87

************************* END OF EXAMPLE *********************************

Editing Existing Thread Catalog

Customer can edit thread numbers and names, add new threads or delete threads in charts supplied with Embird software.


1 - Open MADEIRA.TXT file from "{User data folder}\CHARTS" folder in plain text editor, e.g. in NOTEPAD.

2 - Add new threads to the end of the list (Picture No. 2).

3 - Click "File > Save" menu to save the changes in this text file.

2. Editing existing thread catalog

4 - Run Embird and select "Color Palette >Thread Catalogs" menu to display the edited Madeira Rayon chart. The new threads #1799, #1800, #1801 and #1802 now appear in the list (Picture No. 3).

3. Check new thread catalog in Embird

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