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Digitizing Studio - How to Create Curve Objects

Embird Embroidery Software Tutorial

1 - Run Embird and click "Editor" menu to switch to Editor window.

2 - Select "Insert -> Studio or Sfumato Design" menu to open Embird Studio window.

3 - The curve objects can be created using the following tools: "Fill", "Sfumato", "Opening", "Carving", "Column", "Column with Pattern", "Outline", "Connection", "Appliqu?uot; and "Appliqu?pening" (see the tools in red rectangle in Picture No.1).

Picture No. 1

4 - Select "Fill" tool

in the toolbar at the left side of the screen. Move mouse pointer to the place on Work Area where the first node should be created, and click the left mouse button. A node will be created on the Work Area (Picture No. 2).

Picture No. 2

5 - When you are creating new objects, the edges can be composed either from lines or from curves - depending on the "Edge Type" setting (Picture No. 3). Select the "curve" edge type to draw curve elements, which have also the middle points allowing to change their shape. Click the left mouse button in Work Area to place another node of curve (Picture No. 3).

Picture No. 3

6 - The rectangular node is the end point of the curve, the circular node is the middle point of the curve. Move the circular node to adjust curve shape (Picture No. 4).

Picture No. 4

7 - The "Middle Point First"check box (Picture No. 5) has the following meaning: If it is OFF, the curve end point is created on a place where you click the left mouse button, and the middle point lies between this point and previous end point. Then the middle point must be dragged to the proper position so that the curve has the right shape (Picture No. 6).

Note: To drag the middle point, you need to move the mouse pointer to this point, depress the left mouse button and move the mouse pointer while holding down the left mouse button. When the middle point is on the proper position, release the left mouse button.

Picture No. 5

Picture No. 6

8 - In case the" Middle Point First" is ON, the line element is created on a place where you click the left mouse button in Work Area (Picture No. 7). On a second click this line turns into curve using the previous point (end of line) as its middle point (Picture No. 8).

Picture No. 7

Picture No. 8

9 - Fill object must created closed loop. Continue with creation of curve object and place other nodes on Work Area. Finally, create the last node close to the first node, and move it on the top of the first node (Picture No. 9).

Picture No. 9

10 - Press ENTER (or SPACE) key on the keyboard to close the fill object. Another way is to click the right mouse button on Work Area. This will display a popup menu. Choose "Finish Object" command to close the fill object (Picture No. 10).

Picture No. 10

11 - Fill object is closed, the rectangle will appear around it (Picture No. 11).

Picture No. 11

12 - Closed fill object can be edited in case you need to revise some of its nodes. Use "Edit" tool to switch an existing object into editing mode and the move, add or delete the nodes, or change the shape of the curve (Picture No. 12).

Picture No. 12

13 - Finish editing by pressing ENTER (or SPACE) key on the keyboard (step No. 10).

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