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Embird File Commander

Embird Embroidery Software Tutorial

Use built-in Embird File Commander in Embird to copy, move, delete and zip designs.

Note: If you have registered version of Iconizer plug-in, it is possible see the preview of processed files.

1 - Run Embird.

2 - Select the file and then click "Commander" menu (Picture No. 1).

1. Select file and click Commander menu


3 - Embird File Commander window will appear on the screen. Selected design is focused at the right panel of Commander window. The right panel is now highlighted - notice the blue color of banner above folder and file list (Picture No. 2).

2. Design is focused in Commander


Use these commands to select which drive and folder is shown on the left and on the right side:

Drives - Buttons allowing to select one of available drives.
To Cloud Folder - Quickly browse to cloud folder (OneDrive).
To Predefined Folder - Quickly browse to one of predefined folders.
To Previous Folder - Browse to previously selected folder.
Up to Root - Browse to root of selected drive.
Up One Level - Browse one level up.
Select All - Select all files.

The Embird File Commander offers various commands which might be performed on selected folders and files. Commands are always working with folders and files on highlighted (source) side and copied/moved/zipped to folder selected on the other (destination) side. Click the panel's banner to highlight it and make it the source side, the other one automatically becomes destination side.

Preview Files - Switch ON to see the preview of files.
View - View selected file.
Copy - Copy selected files to opposite side folder.
Zip - Zip selected files to opposite side folder.
Move - Move selected files to opposite side folder.
New Folder - Create new folder on highlighted side.
Delete - Delete selected files on highlighted side.
Split - Split selected files to several files in opposite side folder.
Combine - Combine selected files to single file in opposite side folder.
Refresh - Refresh the list of folders and files.

3. Confirm copying to opposite side folder

4 - Click Copy button to copy selected file from highlighted side (right one in this example) to opposite side folder. Confirm the destination file path (Picture No. 3).


5 - Check copied file which is on the left side in this example (Picture No. 4).

4. Check copied file


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