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Change Fill Pattern

Embird Embroidery Software Tutorial

Embird Editor 2020 allows to quickly change the fill pattern in area of selected color. It can recognize the contours of chosen color and refill these contours with a new fill type and pattern. No other Embird plug-in registration is required for this operation.

Note: This feature does not replace Embird Studio, which offers true digitizing possibilities. The quality of automatically recognized contours and their refilling might vary and their usability is not guaranteed.

1 - Run Embird and click "Editor" menu to switch to Editor window.

2 - Select " File> Open" menu to open some design (Picture No. 1).

1. Open design in Editor

3 - Move mouse pointer to the color boxes at the right side of the screen. Right click chosen color and select "Contours > Change Fill Pattern" menu (Picture No. 2).

2. Select "Contours > Change Fill Pattern" command in popup menu

4 - Choose new fill type and pattern (Picture No. 3).

3. Choose new fill type and pattern

5 - Check the new fill in 3D view mode (Picture No. 4).

4. Check the new fill in 3D view mode

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