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Creating Custom Giant Hoop-It-All™

Embird Embroidery Software Tutorial

You can create custom Giant Hoop-It-All™ in case the built-in hoop choices in Embird do not suit you. If you send us your settings, we will be able to include the new hoop to the list of built-in hoops in the next version of Embird.

1 - Run Embird and click "Editor" menu to switch to Editor window.

2 - Select "Options > Hoop Size" menu.

3 - In the "Hoop Size" dialog box which appears on the screen, choose "Giant Hoop-It-All™ - 2;" tab and then click "Create" button.

4 - The "Custom Giant Hoop-It-All™" dialog box will appear on the screen (Picture No. 1). Measure several distances with the hoop attached to your embroidery machine and then enter the data into the boxes. All measurements are explained below.

Note: All measurements must be in millimetres, not in inches.

1. Enter your measurements of hoop

5 - Measure the total inner hoop width and height (Picture No. 2). In case the template was supplied with your hoop, measure the width and height of total available sewing area on the template.

2. Measure total sewing area

6 - Size of the sewing area in each section is the maximum area you can sew out with your embroidery machine and standard hoop. For example, Viking can sew out 100 x 100 mm in standard hoop, Janome can sew out 125 x 90 mm in standard hoop, etc. (Picture No. 3). However, if you are creating hoop for Pfaff, please specify smaller size of sewing area, so that it does not cover the "gray" area reserved for needle mechanism (see also Step 9 below).

7 - It is supposed that on each side of the Giant hoop you can sew out in FIVE sections - marked as A, B, C, D, E. Sections A, B, C, D usually correspond to lines marked on the rails of your Giant Hoop-It-All™. Section E could be the bottom of the rail. In case there are no lines marked on the rails, you should define the 5 sections yourself and mark them on the rails. Of course, the sections should be defined in such a way that they cover the maximum available area for sewing.

8 - Attach the Giant hoop to your sewing machine and slide the bracket to sew in section A. Measure the starting position of the needle. Important is the vertical distance between the top inner hoop edge and the needle position, and the horizontal distance between the right inner hoop edge and the needle position. Repeat this step for sections B, C, D and E (Picture No. 3).

9 - You should also specify the not-usable area around the hoop inner perimeter, which is reserved for needle mechanism. This will create a "gray" not-usable area around the inner hoop perimeter.

3. Needle start point in sections A to E

10 - In case of Giant-L hoop and sewing at the left side of Giant hoop, the top section at left side will be E and the bottom will be A. You must measure the distances at the right side of hoop (white crosses in Picture No. 4). Mark the starting position of needle for sections A, B, C, D, E while the Giant hoop is attached to your sewing machine (yellow crosses in Picture No. 4), then rotate the hoop by 180 degrees and measure the distances as shown in steps above.

4. Measuring on Giant-L hoop

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