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Embird Co-operation with Google Picasa

Embird Embroidery Software Tutorial

Google Picasa is free application developed by Google company (http://www.google.com) and it allows to organize, edit and share images and photos. It allows to manage your photos and images in one place, and find photos or images you forgot you had on your hard disk. It cannot work directly with embroidery designs, but new Embird Manager's option "Automatically Create Documentation Files (*.jpg)" allows to create image files automatically for every design which you digitize or display in Embird. Google Picasa can then index these images and allows you to quickly browse through them. This way you can use Google Picasa to quickly locate your design, which is stored in the same folder as its image.

Note: Before you start, please download Google Picasa application from http://picasa.google.com and install it on your PC.

Hint: It is recommended to move all your designs into the sub-folder of "My Documents" folder in your user profile. Otherwise it might happen that Google Picasa will not index the images of your designs. We recommend to create folder "My Designs" under "My Documents" and keep all embroidery designs in sub-folders of "My Designs" folder.

Follow these steps to create images from your designs for Google Picasa:

1 - Run Embird, it will start in "Manager" mode

2 - Select "Options" menu and make sure that the "Automatically Create Documentation Files (*.jpg)" option is ON (Picture No. 1). In case it is OFF, please select this menu to switch ON this option.

Picture No. 1

3 - Display your designs on the screen - you can use e.g. thubmnail view mode (Picture No. 2). More details about viewing designs is available in Viewing Designs tutorial. Embird will create the .JPG documentation image file for every design being viewed. This image will be stored in the same folder as the design.

Picture No. 2

4 - Launch Google Picasa application using "Start > Programs > Picasa > Picasa"  menu, or double-click the Picasa icon in the tray (Picture No. 3). Browse to the folder which contains your designs. After a short while which is needed by Picasa for indexing new images you will see the design images. Google Picasa allows to view all folders in one place - just scroll the vertical bar at the right side of screen and locate the image you are searching for. 

Picture No. 3

5 - Double-click the image to find more information about design - the size, number of stitches and colors (Picture No. 4).

Picture No. 4

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