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Main Menu - Select

Commands in this menu allow to select vector objects with use of various criteria, or modify selection.

The first command is Zoom to Selected Objects. This command scrolls selected object(s) to center of the screen and zooms in or out to fit selection to the screen. It helps to localize object(s) selected in the Inspector window in the work area.

Next command Zoom and Edit Selected Objects works in the same way as above command, but it also starts nodes editing mode.

Select All command selects all vector objects in the design.

Deselect command cancels any selection.

Invert Selection command unselects currently selected object(s) and selects the rest of objects. It can be used when you want to apply some changes to most (but not all) objects. Select the those that should remain untouched and use Invert Selection command to switch selection.

New Selection, Add to Selection and Select Subset options allow to define the way of how vector objects are selected with rest of commands in this menu. These options work like radio buttons. Only one of them can be turned on. You can define whether you want to make a new selection (and disregard existing selection, if there is any), or add objects to existing selection, or select only certain objects from existing selection.

Example 1 - selection of all fills and outlines

  1. Check the "Select>New Selection" option.

  2. Use "Select>Fills>All Fills" command.

  3. Check the "Select>Add to Selection" option.

  4. Use "Select>Outline>All Outlines" command. All fills and all outlines in design are selected now.

Example 2 - restricted selection

  1. Select part of design in the work area or in the object inspector.

  2. Check the "Select>Select Subset" option.

  3. Use "Select>Outline>Backward Paths" command. Selection now contains only backward paths in the previously selected part of design. It means that NOT all backward paths in design are selected, but only those that are inside of previously selected part.

Rest of the commands in this menu allows to select multiple objects of the same type (like Manual Stitches, Backward Paths or Fills with Motif) at once. They work with either whole design or just selection, according to selection mode defined by above options.

Commands for selection of text work only until you remove link from objects to respective text label with use of main menu > Text > Convert Text to Normal Objects. When link is removed, object are no longer associated with text label and cannot be selected with Select > Text commands.

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