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View Menu (Cross Stitch)

Use the View menu to zoom in/out the work area and to hide the background image or crosses.

View Menu Commands:

Zoom In

Increase the zoom factor.

Zoom Out

Decrease the zoom factor.

Actual Size

Return the view to its natural size.

Crosses As Squares

Draw crosses as squares.

Crosses As Crosses

Draw crosses as crosses.

Ten Square Grid

Show/hide the ten square grid.

Image or Chart

Show/hide the background image.


Show/hide the crosses.

Back Stitch Lines and French Knots

Show/hide the back stitch lines and French knots.


Show/hide the rulers.

Main Toolbar

Show/hide the main toolbar.

Design Toolbar

Show/hide the design toolbar.

Status Bar

Show/hide the status bar.

Color Palette Bar

Show/hide the color palette bar.

Sew Simulator

Simulate sewing of design at chosen speed (max. 10000 stitches per second).

Sew Simulator - Selected Only

Use this command if you only want to simulate sewing of selection.

3D Preview

Show 3D photo-realistic preview of design.

3D Preview - Selected Only

Use this command if you only want to display the 3D photo-realistic preview of selection.