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Chart Menu (Cross Stitch)

Use commands in Chart menu to import the chart as the background image.

Chart Menu Commands:


Import chart into the background. The .BMP and .JPG images are supported. Choose the image file containing the chart. The dialog box will appear on the screen, allowing to align the ten square grid with chart grid lines. There are three red marks in the top left corner of the chart. Position mark no. 1 to upper left corner of the ten square grid, position mark no. 2 to upper right corner of the ten square grid and position mark no. 3 to bottom right corner of the ten square grid. Then click Align Grid button and check the results of alignment. In case the red grid follows the chart grid, click OK button to insert the chart into the work area. Otherwise click Undo Alignment button to revise the position of red marks.

Import Recent

Lists last nine charts you imported.

Acquire (Scan)

Scan chart using TWAIN scanner.

Delete Chart

Delete chart in the background.

Dim Chart

Dim chart in the background to make it less vivid.


Print chart in the background.

Print Preview

Display print preview of chart in the background.

Print Setup

Selects printer and printer connection.

Auto-digitize Crosses from Chart

Use this command to create cross stitch design automatically from the aligned chart in the background.