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Image Menu (Cross Stitch)

Use commands in Image menu to import and manage the background image.

Image Menu Commands:


Import background image. The .BMP and .JPG images are supported.

Import Recent

Lists last nine background images you imported.

Acquire (Scan)

Scan background image using TWAIN scanner.

Delete Image

Delete background image.

Rotate or Mirror

Rotate or mirror background image.

Set Size

Set size of background image.

Dim Image

Dim background image to make it less vivid.


Print background image.

Print Preview

Display print preview of background image.

Print Setup

Selects a printer and printer connection.

Auto-digitize Crosses from Image

Auto-digitize crosses from the background image. This command will show a dialog box on the screen allowing you to specify the size of cross stitch design and to reduce the number of colors. The point in bottom left corner of the image defines the background (transparent) color.