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File Menu (Cross Stitch)

Use commands in File menu to open, save, print and compile Cross Stitch designs.

File Menu Commands:

Compile and Put into Embird Editor

Compile Cross Stitch file into stitches and put the result into Embird Editor.


Create a new document. Use this command to clear the work area.


Open an existing Cross Stitch project file.

Open Recent

Lists last nine documents you closed.


Merge design into an open Cross Stitch project.


Save Cross Stitch project file with its existing name.

Save As

Save Cross Stitch project file with a new name.

Print Template

Prints active document.

Print Template without Texts

Print active document without texts to save the space on the vellum sheet.

Print Preview

Displays active file on the screen as it would appear printed.

Print Setup

Selects a printer and printer connection.

Design Name

Give a name to your cross stitch design (or some comment, e.g. the magazine and the issue number which was used for creating the design).

File Summary Info

Edit summary information of file, i.e. Title, Subject, Author, Category, Keywords, Revision Number and Comments. This feature is only available on volumes formatted with NTFS.

Send in Attachment of E-mail

Send the active document through electronic mail.

Load Color Palette

Load color palette from .CPF file.

Save Color Palette

Save color palette to .CPF file.


Exit Embird Cross Stitch and return to Embird Editor.