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eXplorer Menu (Editor)

See also Options Menu

This command will launch Microsoft® Windows™ Explorer. Use Explorer to browse and sort your designs. Read your Windows™ manual to find out how to use the Microsoft® Windows™ Explorer.

To simplify the process of managing your embroidery designs, you can purchase the Iconizer plug-in for Embird. Its installation file is built into Embird, so there is no possibility to download and install Iconizer separately. This plug-in runs with Microsoft® ™ Explorer by displaying a small icon of the design instead of universal type icon (see below). This feature allows you to browse your designs easily, because you can see the file contents immediately, without opening them. You can enable/disable Iconizer using the Iconizer Settings command in Options menu.

Example of large design icon in Explorer:


Iconizer Disabled


Iconizer Enabled

Note: In the Right Panel; select the folder you want to open in Microsoft® Windows™ Explorer.