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Help Menu (Manager)

Use commands in this menu to find out how to use Embird, answers to Frequently Asked Questions and how to register Embird Software.

Help Menu Commands:


Show Help contents.

What's New?

What's new in this version of Embird?

Tip of the Day

Display the Tip of the Day.

How to Use Help

Describe how to use the Help system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tasks - How do I... ?

Show how to perform the most common tasks.


Guides you to Embird Tutorial.

Shortcut Keys

Show the list of shortcut keys in Manager.


Show information about Embird, such as Version number.


Order Embird and its plug-ins on Internet.


Show dialog box with important links to Embird web site http://www.embird.net.

Installed Plug-ins

Show list of installed Embird plug-ins, whether they are registered and the registration numbers.


Use this menu to back-up or recover your passwords for Embird and its plug-ins. File with passwords is very small; therefore, it is recommended that you back-up passwords to a floppy disk to avoid losing all passwords, for example, if your hard disk fails.


This menu will display a dialog box allowing you to insert the registration password into Embird.

Auto-Copy To Clipboard

Use this command if you are not able to transfer the registration passwords from e-mail into Embird. Follow the instruction which appears on screen. Read also a Tutorial explaining this topic.