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Fill with Multiple Motifs

Studio allows to use several motifs within a single fill. See below examples of object filled with use of several motifs at the same time.

To use this feature, create a fill object first, then access its parameters and select Motif mode . Then select the grid tab.

Multiple motifs can be combined with all options available for single motif like scale, shift, fill angle, wave and gradient. However, respective motifs must be all of the same size. User does not have to care about it, because respective motifs are automatically resized to size of the 'master' motif, which is the motif selected in Main Settings page. Master motif is displayed also in below grid in a top left cell.

The tab with grid of multiple motifs is visible only when Motif mode is selected in fill parameters window.

Use Rows and Columns controls to set number of motifs. It is possible to define up to 3x3 motifs.

2x1 grid with two motifs

2x1 grid with two motifs

Two motifs inside object

Two motifs inside of the same object

Setting of desired number of rows and columns defines a grid of motifs that will be used to fill the object. Select predefined or user-defined motifs to respective cells of the grid. Then click Apply , Generate Stitches or OK button to store new settings for object.

With a grid of properly digitized user motifs it is possible to achieve homogenous random-like fill.

2x2 grid with random-like motifs

2x2 grid with random-like motifs

Random-like fill

Homogenous random-like fill

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