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Groups of Objects

Group combines several objects into one for easier selection and manipulations.

Embroidery design in Studio is composed from many elementary parts like fills, connections, etc. These elementary objects are used to digitize entities like letters, flowers, animals and everything else in the design.

It is useful to mark elementary parts which belong to the same entity (a letter, for example) so that program knows they belong together and allows to select and manipulate them all at once. This process is called grouping of objects.

Commands for grouping and ungrouping of selected objects are accessible from main menu > Groups and also from the pop-up menu in select/transform mode.

Parts of digitized letter R

Digitized letter R consists of three parts: 1. column object, 2. connection, 3. column object

When digitizing a lettering, for example, the elementary parts of letters (columns and connections) may be joined with Group 1 command, so that each letters is composed of parts grouped together. Letters may be joined into words with Group 2 command and words may be joined into sentence with Group 3 command. The numbers 1,2 and 3 indicate the level of the group. Many programs have just one group level. Several levels allow to ungroup and manage objects on some level, while leaving other levels untouched. For example, you can ungroup parts of letter for editing, while preserving words and whole sentence grouped.

Elementary parts of digitized letter R

Basic parts of letter 'R' are selected. These parts are colum, connection and another column, as shown in object inpector list.

Use Group 1 to combine them into a single object. Repeat this process for each letter and its parts.

Parts of each letter combined together with Group 1 command

Each letter is composed of several parts, but these parts are grouped into objects now. There is a small lock icon at right side of each object in the inspector list indicating that this object is composed of parts grouped on level 1.

Selected word RED

Select the letters in the word RED now a use Group 2 to combine then into a single object. Do the same with letters in the second word. Each word will become a group with level 2.

letter of each word combined together with Group 2 command

Small double lock icon at right side of each object indicates that this object is composed of parts grouped on both levels 1 and 2.

Selected sentence

Select both words and use Group 3 to combine them into single object.

words combined together with Group 3 command

The fact that this object is composed of objects grouped on levels 1,2 and 3 is indicated by a triple lock icon.

Use Ungroup 1, Ungroup 2 and Ungroup 3 commands to divide groups on respective levels (in this example, use Ungroup 3 to split sentence into words, Ungroup 2 to split words into letters and Ungroup 3 to split letters into basic objects).

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