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Stitch Analysis

This tool is accessible via main menu > Gadgets in selection / transformation mode.

Stitch analysis provides insight into characterics that are crucial for quality of design.

With this tool you can make a quick check if there are too long stitches in the whole design or in individually selected objects, for example.


Length histogram is a graphical display of stitch lengths using bars of different heights. The height of each bar shows how many stitches fall into each length range.

Stitch length histogram

Histogram of stitch lengths.

Blue curve (A) is histogram of ideal design, which would contain only stitches with length close to optimum length (approx. 4 millimeters, i.e. 1/6 of inch). This is not possible in a real world. It serves just as a reference.

The actual histogram of the real design (B) is colored from red (too short or too long stitches) through yellow to green (optimum-length stitches). Histogram allows you to compare your design to the ideal one. Histogram in above example reveals that we have lot of short stitches (red color) in the design, which may be critical to actual sew-out of the design.

Histogram shows stitches with length up to 18 millimeters (3/4 inch). Longer stitches are converted to jumps (floating stitches).

Numerical Stitch Characteristics

Besides graphical histogram, there are also other important data available through stitch analysis in a numerical form:

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