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Uninstalling Embird

This tutorial explains how to remove Embird program from your computer.

1 - Close Embird in case you are running it.

2 - Click "Start -> Programs -> Embird -> Uninstall Embird" menu in Windows (Picture No. 1).

Picture No. 1

Embird Tutorial - Uninstalling Embird

3 -  Select "Remove" in the dialog box which appears on the screen (Picture No. 2).

Picture No. 2

Embird Tutorial - Uninstalling Embird

4 - Another dialog box will appear (Picture No. 3), allowing you to back-up your passwords. Insert a formatted floppy disk into its drive, which is usually the A: drive and click "Back-up" button. Once the back-up process is finished, select "Close".

Note: If you want to back-up your passwords to other disk media, e.g. to USB memory key, choose the drive containing this media in the "Back-up to drive:" box before you click the "Back-up" button.

Picture No. 3

Embird Tutorial - Uninstalling Embird

5 - Continue with the uninstall process by selecting "Yes" option (Picture No. 4).

Picture No. 4

Embird Tutorial - Uninstalling Embird

6 - If you want to uninstall also plug-ins click "Yes" button (Picture No. 5). This option is displayed only for the CD version of Embird. The internet version does not offer the option of uninstalling plug-ins, but you can remove them manually by deleting the "C:\Program Files\EMBIRD32\PLUGINS" folder (or the "C:\EMBIRD32\PLUGINS" folder if you are using version prior to Embird 2006) once the uninstall process is finished.

Picture No. 5

Embird Tutorial - Uninstalling Embird

7 - When the uninstall process is complete, the information message is displayed. Click "OK" button (Picture No. 6). Sometimes it might happen, that the restart of Windows is requested by uninstall program - depending on the settings of Iconizer plug-in.

Picture No. 6

Embird Tutorial - Uninstalling Embird

Note: Although you uninstall Embird from your PC, the "C:\Program Files\EMBIRD32" folder (or "C:\EMBIRD32" folder if you are using version prior to Embird 2006) might remain on the hard disk, containing only several configuration files which are used when you install newer version. In case you do not plan to install newer version of Embird, you can manually delete the "EMBIRD32" folder from your hard disk, e.g. in Windows Explorer or in some other file manager.

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