Split selected Object, cut out selected stitches. Two methods of splitting are possible:

First Method: Select stitches to be cut out by freehand-defined polygon, often called Lasso. You must enter Freehand Select Mode if you want to split this way. After splitting, your selection becomes a new independent Object and is then treated like any other Object (save to disk, mirror, center, resize, skew etc.).

Second Method: Specify initial and ending stitches of selection (for example, stitches 724 to 1242 cut out to create a new Object). This is enabled only if there is just one Object selected in Select Mode. Use Initial Stitch and Ending Stitch edit boxes (situated on Main Toolbar) to enter desired values. Object is split into parts, as follows: First part is composed of stitch 1 of the original design through the stitch preceding the Split's initial stitch. Therefore, in our example, the first part will contain stitches 1 to 723. Second part is composed of the Split's first stitch through the Split's last stitch. Therefore, in our example, the second part will contain stitches 724 through 1242. Third part, in this example, is composed of stitches 1243 through the original design's last stitch. All three parts after splitting become new independent Objects, displayed in the Objects Order Bar.